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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve provided a list of answers to students’ most Frequently Asked Questions in order to make your experience with our Traffic School as easy as possible. If you have a question, simply scroll down to find your question and click on it for a detailed answer. If you need further assistance or cannot find the answer to your question on this page, you may contact one of our representatives toll free at 1-(800)600-0010 during normal business hours or by email at

What is Instant Traffic School?

Instant Traffic School is a DMV licensed traffic school licensed to offer online and handbook traffic school programs. Completing any of our courses will qualify as having finished an 8 hour traffic school course.

How much does your school cost cost?

Our Internet course cost $24.95, which includes all charges. We do not charge for anything that is not required by your court as some other schools do. This is a flat fee, we will never ask you for more money. Our handbook course is $29.95.

How much time does it take for someone to complete your course?

With our program, you determine how much time you take to complete the course. You cover the same material that is covered in the class, but you do it at your own pace. Because many people read more quickly than they can speak, you can learn the same material more conveniently and more quickly than ever possible in a conventional traffic school class. The average student will take 6 1/2 hours to complete the reading. If you read faster than average you will finish faster than the average student.

What if I need help?

Our office is open everyday at 7:30 am Pacific time and closes at 10 pm everyday. You may call 800-600-0010 during these hours and our phone staff can help you live. If you email we will respond within a few minutes of receiving the email.

How do I know my court will accept this program?

Our traffic School is licensed by The Department of Motor Vehicles. Click here to see our DMV license California Department of Motor Vehicles. Our completions are accepted by all Courts in the State of California. If you are eligible for traffic school and your court has given you permission to attend traffic school, your ticket will be kept confidential and not released to anyone other than a Court. Your insurance company will not be able to see the ticket and a point will not be added to your driving record. This is the same thing that happens when you attend a classroom course. Be sure to read the DMV disclaimer on our registration page for exceptions.

Can I complete traffic school to have my ticket hidden if I have a commercial driver license?

The California Vehicle Code now prohibits drivers holding a class A, class B, or commercial class C driver license from completing a traffic school course in order to hide a traffic citation. This only applies if you were cited in a commercial vehicle. If you got your ticket in a non commercial vehicle, you can still attend traffic school to keep the point off your record, but the violation will still appear on your driving record.

I paid the court for traffic school. Why do I have to pay again.

Each Court charges an administrative fee to allow you to attend traffic school, usually $50 to $75. On the paperwork the court gave you will be a paragraph advising you that each traffic school will charge a separate fee.

How do I pay for the program?

You can make payment through our secure website using a credit card, or you can call us at 800-600-0010 and pay via phone. If you prefer you may pay by check or money order by mailing it to our office. Payment is only required before we allow you to complete the course. You may begin the internet course then pay later.

How is this course different from a regular traffic school class?

The main difference between our program and a traditional classroom traffic school program is simply where the learning takes place. With our online and handbook programs, you cover the same material that’s covered in a classroom setting, only you do it in the convenience of your own home or office, at your own pace. Your successful completion is guaranteed and your ticket is hidden just the same as if you’d attended the classroom session.

Can I have my completion sent overnight?

There is no need for overnight delivery of your certificate. We electronically report your completion to the court as soon as you finish the course. No need to pay for any rush delivery or handling of your paperwork. Paper certificates are no longer issued and ARE NOT accepted by the court. The court only accepts electronically reported completions.

Once I begin, am I required to complete the course in one sitting?

This is completely up to you. You will be able to log in and out at your convenience or you may finish the program in one sitting. If you leave and then log back in to our website, you will be able to pick up exactly where you left off. This flexibility is one of the main advantages of our school. You choose the method of learning that’s most convenient for you.

What if I fail a Quiz or the Final Exam?

It’s impossible to "fail" with our school. Remember the entire course is open book. You are allowed to look up the answers to any question on a quiz or the final exam if you do not remember the correct answer. If you miss too many questions on a Quiz or the Final Exam, it means you did not take the time to look up the answer. DMV regulations only allow you two attempts to pass the final exam.

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